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Klara 2 years, pic. Jasmin Mänki


Little Princess

Estonian Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Baltic Junior Champion
Finnish Champion
Swedish Champion
Estonian Champion
Champion Internationale de Beaute*
Vastakarva Klara Af Minos

Rhodesian ridgeback female
Born: 25th July 2011
Size: around 63cm and 35kg (18monts)
Breeder: Bred by me
Sire: FI & SE CH SE T CH LP1 African Hunter's Amazing Baservill
Dam: FI & LV & EE & & LT & BALT & BY CH EE JCH TK1 TK2 BH Babe Candy Helya Ridge
Siblings: 10 sisters
Hips / elbows: A/A 0/0 (all clear)
Spine: clear (unofficial x-ray examination at age 18months)
Teeth: full teeth,correct bite
Owner: Kaisa Kosonen
Mental test TBA
SHOW results: 2 x BOS puppy, 1 x Best Bitch Puppy in CZ (17 bitches in class), 1 x BOB puppy, 5 x CACIB, 1resCACIB (-> CACIB) 5 x FI CAC, 5 x BOB, 5 x BOS, 1 x BIG4, 2 x BIG1
Brownie Point winner (Best Livernose in Speciality Show 2013)
Other results: 1 x 1st prize in official MEJÄ-trial (Finnih blood track trial), 1 x 3rd prize in off. MEJÄ-trial
Montun Menopeli 2012 -winner (Klara ran to win of 20 RR youngsters (under one year old) class in unofficial speed up (LC) competition arranged by Suomen Ridgeback yhdistys)
RRTL 2012 -winner (Klara ran to win of 7 RRs aged 10-18months in unofficial lure coursing competition arranged by Suomen Ridgeback yhdistys)
3 x FI Lure Coursing CAC

(not confirmed yet)


My very first litter was born in summer 2011 for my special girl Prada. Also the sire of litter is special - Minos which I have been following for few years. It was an honour to use Minos in breeding. I think he seemed to be perfect match with Prada - now we are waiting excited how the puppies will grow up. I had the possibility to meet Minos few times before mating. Also Prada met Minos few months before mating and they liked each other.

I didn't have any plan to keep or not to keep a puppy from the litter... so it was exciting to wait the birth and see puppies grow. Klara's character and looks made huge impression on me as well as many other people. So she was the answer. I didn't have the option to not to keep her at home. :-)



Klara almost 2 years


Klara at Lure Coursing trial, pic. Sakari Lampola



Klara moving at training at the age of 2 years, pics. Jasmin Mänki


Klara 13 months, pic. Jasmin Mänki

Klara 14 months, pic. Jussi Koivunen / Studio Koivunen

Klara after receiving her first resCACIB (will be confirmed as CACIB) in Tartu dogshow, Estonia. Aged 15months and 1 week. Pic. Anniina Salo.


Klara 2 weeks


Klara 5 weeks


Klara 6 weeks


Klara 13 weeks


Klara at age 5months, pic. Pinja Kontala

Klara 9 months



Klara moves, age 11 months



Klara 1 year


Klara 1 year, pic. Jasmin Mänki

Klara running after the lure in RRTL 2012-competition