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Me and Prada october 2012, pic. Jussi Koivunen / Studio Koivunen



My name is Kaisa Kosonen. My family consist of my boyfriend Juha-pekka and six dogs, my girls; Prada, Peppi and Klara and bordercollie Pinni and J-P's ridgeback males Tau (Bawabu Tewelde Tau) and Maximus (Bawabu Pelelezu Pwagu). I'm 28 years old and I come from Helsinki. At the moment I live in Valkeakoski and Köyliö. I work on my own petstore called ”Musti ja Mirri” in Valkeakoski, 30km from bigger city Tampere. I live mostly weeks in Valkeakoski and freetime and weekends in Köyliö. I spend my freetime outdoors with dogs; walking, jogging, training etc.

I have always been interested in nature and animals, especially in dogs and dogsports. I didn't get my own dog as a child, because my little sister is allergic. When I moved to my first own apartment, I already knew what I needed first of all – A DOG!

2012-2013 Board Member of Ridgeback Club of Finland
2010 Debuty Board Member of Ridgeback Club of Finland
2010 Contact person in agility of Ridgeback Club of Finland
2009-2010 Board Member of TAVES ry (Working dog club)



In autumn 2008 I carried out Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's basic course and in summer 2009 FCI confirmed my kennelname Vastakarva. Vastakarva means "the hair going wrong way", so in Finland we call the ridge "vastakarvapiirto".

In spring 2011 I also carried out FKC's breeder's follow-up course.

In autumn 2011 first Vastakarva ridgeback litter was born

In Rhodesian Ridgeback I appreciate for example self-confidence, ability to work in different dogsports and balanced essence. Two most important things are character and health. By appearance I prefer mediumsize, not exaggerated structure, rather sporty than too heavy and elegant head with mediumsized ears, dark eyes and good scales.