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The First One

FI & EE CH Tarujen Purendi

Rhodesian ridgeback female, sterilized
Peppi, Pepso, Pepponen, Pepsi
26th February 2005
Size: approx. 65cm/33kg (age 7 year)
Breeder: Kennel Tarujen, Anne Sassi-Kaitala
Sire: Multi CH N'Gai Zamu Of Ginba's Hero
Dam: Fin CH BH Tarujen Jamila
Siblings: 7 sisters, 4 brothers
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Owner: Kaisa Kosonen

Peppi is my first very own dog! I found rhodesian ridgeback first in dogbooks and then I found more information on Internet. Peppi's breeder, Anne, lived near my parents and I got to know her and her dogs. At first sight I fell in love with Numa, Peppi's dam. I still think that she is one of the most beautiful RR bitches, that I've seen. I was sure that someday I want Numa's puppy.

Anne choosed gorgeous Dodge for litter's sire. So the waiting started... On my father's birthday Numa gave birth to 12 puppies. And one girl was reserved for me. That was one of my live's looongest 7 weeks... to wait my first puppy to come home.

Peppi was wild and sweet little monsterpuppy. She tested my nerves by chewing shoes, peeing on carpets, runing away etc. But still she was the most important One in my life. And STILL she grew up for decent adult dog. :) Peppi was the one to teach me how to ”speak dog” and she also lead me to the world of dogsports. We have trained lure coursing, search, dogshows, obedience etc. And competed in agility and blood tracking.

Peppi got 3rd CAC soon after her 2nd birthday and became Fin CH. After that we left showrings mainly to others, because Peppi enjoys other dogsports much more! Peppi has mentality tested with good results in 2008.

Peppi is now competing in AGILITY MAXI 3-class.

Peppi loves to swim, run, take sunbathes, eat, play with other dogs, sleep with closest human. She loves her family and our friends, but doesn't usually care of the other people. Peppi gets along with almost all dogs. She plays with puppies, other bitches and males, of course.

Peppi is my First One and I'm the One for Peppi. We both know that.



Peppi 7 years


Pic. Pinja Kontala


Peppi 7 years, pic. Pinja Kontala