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Photo Jessica Ristimäki

Hardworking Partner

BH TK1 TK2 Myytin Tuulenkosija

Bordercollie female
Pinni, Pinku, Pingu, Pingviini, Pinsku...
9th December 2007
Kennel Myytin, Jessica Ristimäki
PPR1 CMM`s Jackpott
BH Rajahiilen Hantuuki
2 sisters, 4 brothers
Hips / elbows:
B/B, 0/0
Kaisa Kosonen

Pinni was born on December 2007. I met Pinni's breeder first time, when we took part in her obedience training with Peppi. I liked her way to train and handle dogs. Same time I saw Pinni's mom, Myy, first times and I was excited on how active and hardworking she was. I searched for active dog especially for obedience, national trials and maybe for agility. I actually had two alternatives: bordercollie or malinois. Very different breeds... hopefully I choosed BC. Specially in this life situation and in my dogpack, I think BC was just the right choice.

I heard about Myy and Jehu's litter and I got interested. Finally the pups born and Jessica promised me the black and white girl. Jessica lived in Tampere, so I saw pups many times before getting sweet Pinni home.

Since puppyage we have trained obedience and human and article search. Pinni is wonderful trainingpartnerand always ready to do anything! She has good apetite and likes to catch and play. Easy to reward by toys! One of most important reward for Pinni is getting more to-do.

I really enjoy doing obedience with Pinni and we started our obediencetrial career with three 1st prices in novice class. In autumn 2010 we got 1st prize in open class, so next we will compete in winners class. I took Pinni to official dogshow last autumn and she got blue ribbon (good), which is needed for example for Obedience Champion -title.

Pinni usually gets along with everybody, but might sometimes first seem a little reserved towards other dogs. She is still unconcerned and easygoing among other dogs and people.