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My Precious

Champion International de Beauté
Estonian Junior Champion
Finnish Champion
Estonian Champion
Latvian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Baltic Champion
Belarus Champion
Russian Champion
TK1 (obedience title)*
TK2 (obedience title)*
BH (Obedience/behavioral test)
Babe Candy Helya Ridge

Rhodesian ridgeback female
Prada, Praatu, LilleroLallero, Lillis, Plaatu, Laatu. ;)
Born: 23th April 2008
Size: approx. 63cm / 32kg (age 3 year)
Breeder: Kennel Helya Ridge, Jana Helešicová, Czech Republic
Sire: Multi CH Tarujen Mabaru
Dam: Multi CH Tusani Ani Pink Lady
Siblings: 6 sisters, 4 brothers
Hips / elbows: A/A, 0/0
Heart: OK (2010)
Thyroid: OK (2011)
D/D-test: noncarrier of the dilute gene
Owner: Kaisa Kosonen
Mental test by Barbro Börjesson HERE
* To get TK1-title you need to get three 1st prizes in obedience beginners class. To get TK2 you need three 1st prizes in ob. open class.

”Little” Prada came into my live in June 2008. Only few days before puppies' delivery I heard that one of Maru and Pipi's beautiful daughters was available. I already knew Maru's personality and looks very well, so I needed to find out everything possible about Pipi. I e-mailed Jana dozen of questions of puppies and Pipi. Finally Maru's owners confirmed me about Pipi's wonderful character.

Me and Peppi's breeder, Anne, decided to get ”Candy” to Finland. End of June I picked Prada up from Praque. I was excited and a bit worried, but for nothing! Puppy came up to all expectations and more. I fell in love right away! We spent one night in hotel getting to know each other and next day we flied to Helsinki, where Anne picked us up. Flight went without any problems, Prada was sleeping all two hours.

Prada is sweet, easygoing, playful, open-minded and lively girl – not to forget her lovely appearance and expressions. From the very beginning we have trained working dog tracking, obedience and showbehavior. Sometimes we do some agility and lurecoursing for fun!

Prada has huge appetite and is usually easy to reward by playing. So it's fun and pleasant to work with her!

We have competed in obedience and lure coursing. Results you can find on Results-page.

Prada's showcritique and results you can find on Shows-page!

Prada is dam of my very first litter!