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Trip to Luige CAC show (Estonia) & Ogre CAC show (Latvia)
Ogre showphotos by Inga Juhnevica, other photos by me

Travelmates Klara & Saga


Early summer 2012 I was planning to have some shows in Baltic countries this summer. I asked my very good friend to come with me and she agreed! In Baltic countries they have own JUNIOR CAC for junior bitch and dog and own CAC for the rest of bitch/dogclasses, so we decided to go with junior Klara and my friend Pauliina's champion bitch Tarujen Pamuzinda "Saga". I found out that there was 2 CAC shows in Luige (Estonia) and 2 CAC shows in Ogre (Latvia) in the same weekend. We wanted variation and a chance to get CAC from both countries so we decided to visit one day Estonian show and the other day Latvian show. We choosed the shows by the judges - saturday in Luige and sunday in Ogre...

We got the show schedule few weeks before the show weekend and I was a bit dissapointed realizing that we had judge change BOTH days! Well, we could not do anything but try our luck and start the trip!

I had some problems with my car and we thought that we couldn't go with it... We had really good luck when my friend Päivi offered her car for our use! I could not be more thankful!

We travelled to Tallinn (Estonia) by early ferry and we had good time to reach to the show groud of Luige CAC show. We also had good luck because there was only three ridgeback. Saga, Klara and one junior male. Judge was Mrs. Elena Kuleshova from Russia. Both of our girls got EXC and the CACs. So Saga was BEST OF BREED and got EE CAC and she is now EE CH! Klara was BB2, got nice critique and Estonian JUN CAC. I was specially happy that the judge seem to know that we have two different colorvariations in the breed. Some judges always wants the darker eye or pigment for a livernose.

Klaras critique in Luige CAC show 7.7.2012, judge Elena Kuleshova:
"Good size. Elegant feminine head. Pigment & eyecolor are according to body colour. Good anatomy and condition. Good ridge in back. JUN EXC1, JUN CAC, BOB JUN, BB2, "

Luige show groud


Saga and Klara with their throphys after saturday's show


After the show we ate dinner in shopping mall and then started driving to Tartu where we stayed over the night in my friend's apartment. We were tired and took the dogs for a tiny walk and ate something. We also checked out some driving tips from Google Maps. And then we had to sleep...

We woke up early 6.30 and started driving around 7.30. Then the poor day started!!! We drove abour 20-30 minutes wrong way from Tartu. And we were bit in hurry and in few minutes police stopped us and kept us 30 f*!#()¤ minutes in their car. Then we were much in hurry! We drove back to Tartu and started the driving again - this time to the right direction. When we were 50km from show place, we decided to call to a person who organized the show. We did let them know that we should be there in just the right time when the ring will start, but not even a minute earlier.

BUT After the phonecall started long roadworks that took about 15-20 minutes more time AND because of our poor map and driving instruction from Google Maps we drove over one important crossing and had to ask help form gas station. We had only 30 minutes time until the ring will start... and we had about 30-40km left. That was very stressful and dissapointing to think that we have been driving 4 hours and we might not reach in the ring at all. But we were so close that we decided to try!

When we found the sign to Ogre we got a small hope in our minds. We quickly found the show ground and Pauliina said me that "Look! There is ridgebacks already in ring!"... I jumped up from car with Klara and gave Klara for some latvian person to hold for a sec and saw that the RRs in ring were males. I explained our situation for the person in ring and the judge gave us 5 minutes time to get our numbers and so on. So we run like crazy in the showplace and afted getting the numbers I ran straight to the ring with Klara. I did not have time to take her to pee or change my own clothes BUT I managed to reach the ring!!!

Junior class was the biggest class


There was altogether 14 RR of which 10 bitches! 5 of them was in our junior class! Klara was showing herself extremely nice and won the whole class!!! You cannot even imagine the feeling when after this crazy day we got EXC and the classwin and Latvian JUN CAC which we were after! :-) Then there was one bitch in intermediate and one in open class. Two bitches in champion class. It was time for Pauliina and Saga to enter the ring... and they did great job, winning the champion class with EXC! And then, best bitch ring! We already had our JUN CAC, so I was not so nervous about the placement, but Klara was showing herself so nice and we got the win again! We were placed as BEST BITCH! Then I was nervous for Pauliina and Saga - and THEY DID IT! Won 2nd best bitch placement and CAC! So Saga is now also Latvian Champion! Superrrrr! One more time to the ring with Klara and she got BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX! Best of breed was champion male Enzo Vangari Malawi Nala from Latvia.

Best bitch class (not placed yet)


Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex


What can I say? After the crazy, hard, extraordinary day we were SO HAPPY to get the results like that! Unbelievable!

... then it was time for drive back to Tallinn which went nice regardless an another small problem... we heard weird noise from our car! NOT POSSIBLE! We stopped driving and were looking at the car. Luckily it was "only" some plastic protection shield that was partly broken. We continued our drive to Tallinn exhausted but happy and then back to home Finland! :-)

I have to say BIG THANKS for Pauliina and Saga for such a nice travel company! And huge THANKS to Ammi who rented her apartment for us and for Päivi who rented her car!!!


Some more photos scroll down :-)

Klara in a car


Our LADIES! :-) RIGHT Saga 7 years. She is sister to my Peppi! :-) LEFT Klara








Funny house in Tartu


BOB and BOS of Ogre CAC show 8.7.2012 saying HELLO to each other :-)


Me and Pauliina trying to read the critiques


Klara throphies after the trip! :-)