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Klara's pedigree you can find from FKC's database

And 6 generation pedigree from HERE

Klara's mom - Prada

Photos left by me, right by Karin Fürst

Prada is lovely mediumsized ridgeback bitch. She's my own dog and as you might guess I know her very well.;-) Please, read more about her on he own page!

More of Prada on her own page

Prada's merits:

Estonian Junior Champion
Finnish Champion
Estonian Champion
Latvian Champion
Belarus Champion
TK1 (obedience title 1)

BIG1 x 2, BIS 4 junior

Klara's Daddy - Minos

Photos left by Jenny Jurnelius, right by Karin Frostemo

Minos is one of my favourite RR males and I really want to thank his owners to let me use him in breeding. I have had chance to meet this stunning dog few times before mating with Prada. Everytime I see him he makes big impression on me! Such a nice male. Minos lives as a familydog and has also "own hobbies" like obedience, bloodtracking and dogshows.

Much more of Minos on Minos' own webpage

Minos' merits:

Swedish Champion
Finnish Champion
BISS-08 (breedentry 240+)
LP1 (obedience 1 title)
Swedish Tracking Champion

Minos BM-4 at Årsta Slott Open Show 2011, photos by me

Minos and Prada