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Trip to Sweden february 2011
Photos Me, Annika Karlsson and Marianne Leppinen
Thanks for the company Annika & Marinne and of course MINOS! :-)
Thanks also for Karin Fürst and Kadamo-puppies!


We did our trip to Sweden in february to meet Prada's fiance-to-be Minos and his owner Annika! On same trip we met Karin Fürst and Yaya's puppies!
Let's have a look at out trip-photos and enjoy! :-)


Trip started with travelling by ferry from Turku to Stockholm.


Prada on cardeck


Prada and Marianne


Doggy toilet was not ment for Prada :-)



On friday we met Karin, Kadamo-dogs and Yaya's puppies = Kadamo C-litter


Prada was wondering the little ones :-)


"Hey, where did you go?"




Dando sleeping with mudcake ;-)


Feeding time!


Mr. Light Blue


Then we had a walk in swedish forrest :-) Prada and me






We visited propably Stockholm's largest Pet Store BROMMA ZOO


Then food, yammyyy!


Then we spend the night at Hotel in Sollentuna! Prada found her cosy place!


Prada's lunch box :-)


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